Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Racism is Not Biblical

I'm a yankee. I moved to the south 6 years ago, and you want to talk about culture shock! 

One thing that is very different is the manners, and that to me is great. But another thing that is very different is the level of hatred and racism towards people of a different color... and that to me is terrible.

I am very blessed to belong to a church that recently merged with a church of another color. We are now a mixed congregation - not something you see every day in middle Georgia! :)

Since the merge I feel like God has been laying on my heart for me to do something bigger... I feel like there is more to the reason I was sent down here to the south, and I feel like he wants me to make a difference in this arena.

So I'm starting here, compiling my thoughts. 

Racism is NOT biblical. Sadly, people take a few verses out of the bible and try to twist them to say racism is okay. But the FACT is if you read those passages in their TRUE context, they do not tell us to "stay within our race" as others will say. One of these particular scriptures is Deuteronomy 7:3-4. Read more here.
The church is the worst when it comes to segregation and separation. MOST church's are one race. And many church's split right down the middle when disagreements happen. I think Jesus is ashamed at all of the separation and hatred that the church actually portrays in his name.

Now I know not all of them are this way! I belong to one that is NOT! 

I want to reach the Christians who walk and talk such hate. It hurts me so much to be SOOOO on fire for God, and to truly understand what walking with him means, what loving the way he would love means; but to see so many people struggling with accepting others, loving others, being kind to others, and focusing so much on arguing with others.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, to be honest. I just feel this calling, and I guess I need to pray about where to start!

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