Monday, May 16, 2011

Does God Answer All Prayer?

I believe God answers all prayer. He may not always give us the answer we are expecting, but he answers. And he answers in his time, not our's.

Every time I've given something to him in prayer, he has responded. Whether it has been jobs, finances, family, healing... And I've learned if you want a more specific answer, you need to pray for it. Like when we prayed for Adam to no longer have to work on Sunday's with Cox... he got terminated. We probably should have been more specific. But in the long run, God knew what he was doing!

When he got on with Dish, and again was working Sunday's again, we prayed for a better job. And God gave it to him. When I've prayed  for him to help my nagging, attitude, etc. he answers. It is something that I still battle at times, but with God it is easier to do so.

So if you've got anything you need, give it to God. Trust in him, give him your heart. Having faith in him isn't an auto-fix. But it does make things seem easier at times, and when we go through trials he gives us the strength we need. I believe he doesn't put us through more than we can handle, and that we can do all  things through Christ. 

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  1. I really like this video. In it the speaker talks about how the prayer was seemingly answered wrong but in fact lead to the right thing. Give it a watch.