Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Everything is the Devil...

Okay... who doesn't love the Waterboy? (Insert LAUGH here.) Now that we've all lightened up a bit... hopefully...

On a serious note, I can't stand it when people say "insert topic here" is satanic or of the devil. The only things that are of the devil are the things we ALLOW him to have. I don't allow the devil to have anything in my life. Now I don't listen to music with foul language or negative messages. They are too worldly, and not of God. But it is the WORDS in them that make them that way.

On the subject of music, I'd like to address Christian rap/pop/rock, etc. Adam and Alan put on some "rap" music once at Pine Forest, and some lady walks up to them and says "turn that off, we only listen to Christian music here." Alan looked at her and said he bought at the store where she works... LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN STORE. When it comes to praising God, he doesn't care what TUNE it is in. He cares what words are coming out of our mouths.

If a rapper decides to bump out some Christian lyrics with a beat to them, that glorifies God, whether it "glorifies" you or I or not! Same goes for other music, like country. I LOVE country. There are many country songs that talk about God. It doesn't have to be in the Christian genre to be worshipful. And to top it all off, it's not "the devil." We can listen to other types of music, enjoy it, and still go to heaven.

Some extremists go as far as saying practicing the art of yoga is satanic... well actually it's origin is Hindu... For me, it started out as PURELY exercise. I didn't know it's origin, didn't really care... still don't. Just because something originates with another religion doesn't make it bad. Anything can be made to glorify God. I recently ordered a new DVD - Holy Yoga. JJ Heller turned me on to it! It is wonderful. Instead of just clearing my mind and focusing on my stretches and nothingness, I can focus on scripture and Jesus. God wants us to take care of these temples, does he not? If I'm not choosing the traditional form of Yoga, and focusing on whatever it was Hindu's focused on, then it isn't against God. It can be made FOR him.

Anyways, I'm all about open minds, and open hearts, and I try to share this with people when I get the opportunity. None of us are perfect beings. We can't always get it right, but we can sure try. And part of trying is by learning to love as Jesus does and not knock or judge every little thing someone else does.

*Steps off soap box.*

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