Monday, August 20, 2012

Do Not Judge Others... Even Homosexuals.

So this was a comment made by "Neal" on another post I read earlier (click here for post), and I thought his point-of-view (POV) was refreshing. I agree with him for the most part - I don't consider my Christian views conservative, but progressive... Homosexuality as an orientation is not condemned... homosexuality as a "practice" - AKA practiced like any other sexual sin (outside of a committed relationship - seeing as they can't legally marry, rape, incest, etc) is a sin. No sin is bigger than another, and we are taught not to judge.

"I'm a Christian with a conservative interpretation of the Bible on homosexuality, but I don't care if gays get married.  Me thinking that homosexuality by practice (NOT orientation) is a sin does not make me think  that gays are less worthy human beings than straights.  I mean, I know atheist couples who live together outside of marriage, but I love them just as much as my Christian married couple friends who "stayed pure" until marriage.  Recognizing that someone is sinning doesn't mean you get to mistreat and discriminate them, or think you're better than them.  I'm a sinner too and other sinners do not have to justify their life choices to me. 

America separates the church and the state, so pro-family groups cannot expect gay and lesbian couples who want LEGAL, not RELIGIOUS recognition of their union to follow the biblical teaching.  It just doesn't make sense and it's not realistic.  I mean, if America has a Hindu rather than Judeo-Christian heritage, is it fair, for instance, for non-Hindus in this hypothetical, alternate universe to be denied beef when they go to a restaurant?  Food and marriage are two different issues, but you see my point.

My other objection to the pro-family group tactic is why so worked up to de-legalize one sin and not others.  I mean, Christianity says pre-marital sex is sin, so where's the outcry circus to ban common-law marriage? Not saying that I want to ban common-law marriage, I really don't care, but I'm just saying they're very inconsistent.  

Tony Campolo expressed it best when he said that Christians couldn't expect the LGBT community to believe that we love them when we deny them equal rights.  Being a Christian myself, I totally understand why some well-meaning Christians are so shocked by the bigot label, but they must also take the time to understand why LGBT people feel so insulted."

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