Friday, September 16, 2011

Religious Debate Cracks Me Up!

So there have been several "religious" debates on CafeMom (what's new right?) You know I used to go into these things hard right... but now that I've truly opened my mind and heart to what Christian faith is supposed to be about, I laugh at some of the right-winged responses... when these extremists attack non-believers with their religion, for their lack of belief or difference of opinion, what do they honestly expect the outcome to be?

One's personal faith is supposed to be about a relationship with God, not religion. We are supposed to strive to better ourselves and our faith, to live our daily lives so that God shows through our actions and people wonder, and want to know what it's about! Not shoving religious doctrine down people's throats - which has only ever pushed people further away from Christ... Arguing with non-believers over religion is extreme, and ridiculous. It is our job to show the love of Christ through our daily lives - it is Christ's job to save people with his love!

I think I've found a new calling from God for my life... because I have this new-found understanding  of my faith, I can truly minister to others.

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