Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm a Christian, but I Support Gay Marriage - WHY?

The purpose of this explanation is to open hearts and minds. To make you think... This is a topic God puts on my heart regularly - it's not a topic personal to me, so I'm pretty darn sure he put it there, otherwise I don't have much other explanation for why I'm so passionate about it...

I am a Christian, but I support gay marriage. Why? Because I love the sinner and hate the sin. It is wrong to discriminate and no religion should dictate whether or not someone (despite their gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation) should be able to get married and obtain the benefits we take for granted as married heterosexuals. That doesn't make me an immoral fool... Christ didn't hang out with perfect people, or even religious people. Christ hung out in the slums, with the sinners. He didn't judge them... he didn't discriminate against them. He just loved them - and this is how he won hearts and saved them; not by shoving religion down their throats... And I didn't always think this way... I used to be plenty narrow minded myself. 

Gandhi said it  best: I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. It's a sad truth... but many who call themselves Christians today do not represent Christ.  He wants us to show others what he's done in our lives, by how we live, not shove things down their throats with our words.

God never said gays can't legally marry... you show me where it says that (word for word) and prove me wrong. God didn't say governments have to conform to religion when creating laws. Christians can see homosexuality as a sin, but stay out of their affairs to get married. We don't have to hold them back. We don't have to vote for it, but we also don't have to vote against it. We could choose to stay out of it, and that does not make us a bad people. We can hate the sin, but we don't have to publicly eliminate it - we CAN'T eliminate it. Only God holds that power, but he gives us free will. But as a sin, it is no bigger than any other sin... we don't try to make divorce illegal, arrogance, bitterness, boasting... none of those sins are any different in God's eyes. It will not be the end of the world if gay are allowed to marry. It will not "defy the sanctity of marriage", which didn't even begin with religion. And on the subject of the divorce rate, heterosexuals need to make our own marriages work before we go telling other people who can and can't get married -- and even then no religion should have that right. Marriage it not just a Christian institution or right.

I guarantee you God is not happy with that way many Christians act in respect to homosexuals & equal rights. He is not happy with the hatred and discrimination passed by "church folk." Many churches won't even let a homosexual become a member of their congregation... None of this may apply to you personally, but it applies to many who call themselves Christians. Those are the people many of us are trying to reach.

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