Thursday, September 15, 2011


"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words may never hurt me." That is the biggest lie we teach our children. Words can hurt, and they cut deep. - SkitGuys

This was our lesson last night during Wed night bible study. And boy did it ever hit home. Every time someone hurts us, we add baggage to our lives if we are unable to let it go and forgive, and give it all to God. I found I was still struggling with some baggage that I thought I'd let go... but was still carrying around.

Psalms 38:19 reads "Those who are my foes without cause are mighty, and many are those who hate me wrongfully." For me this is the hardest baggage to deal with, and let go of. Especially when the wrongful hate of others is an ongoing thing in your life.

This morning I gave my baggage to God. I prayed for him to teach me to love and forgive those who have wronged me, and to touch and bless them as well. I was reminded of a song by Casting Crowns where it says "Lord I lift my friend to you, I've done all that I know to do, I lift my friend to you. Complicated circumstances have clouded his view, Lord I lift my friend up to you." That was my prayer this morning for the circumstances and a couple of people who surround me, have hurt me, and have left me with baggage in my heart.

I love them with all my heart, and I forgive them. I pray that they can forgive my past and move on, and learn to love me as well. I let go of my baggage, because it's not fair to me or to those I love for me to continue to carry it...

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