Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gay Rights - Marriage Benefits - What you may not know!!!

So at church one night, Patrick and I were talking about homosexuality and the bible. He told me how he'd asked two pastors in years past if they would allow homosexuals to join the church, and they told him no... All I could think is WOW - and these are pastors!!! What hypocrisy!

So out of pure curiosity, we asked our pastor the same question... and he said yes, homosexuals can join the church. Just another confirmation that I'm where I'm supposed to be regarding my church home and family. I feel this is a big step for Christianity.

Not all Christians support homosexuality and believe it is a sin yes, but they shouldn't support discrimination by denying them their rights. They shouldn't judge them or condemn them, or cast them away. We need to love them and embrace them. Discrimination is WRONG, period. No matter if it's for race, gender, sexual orientation, religion... it's wrong.

There is a long laundry list of rights that many people don't realize are a big part of marriage, that gays are being denied! How is that constitutional? How is that right? You can disagree with homosexuality, but don't hold them back - love the sinner, hate the sin. Everyone should have the same rights! Marriage shouldn't be deemed "reasonable" by any religion. Marriage has become a 'game' for a lot of people anymore & the "Christian" vows mean very little a lot of the time. Heterosexuals have been "defying the sanctity of marriage" for years... Why shouldn't gays be afforded the right to marry & secure the rights a marriage brings? Marriage should be a choice for all.

Posted by mrswillie on Sep. 13, 2011 at 2:56 PM 

When speaking of benefits of marriage, their are so many that we, as heterosexual couples, take for granted everyday.  These are compiled of about 400 state benefits and 1000 federal benefits.  Here are just a few.  Note...this is not nearly a complete list.
  • status as next-of-kin for hospital visits and medical decisions where one partner is too ill to be competent;
  • benefits such as annuities, pension plans, Social Security, and Medicare
  • wrongful death benefits for a surviving partner and children
  • bereavement or sick leave to care for a partner or child
  • joint parenting
  • joint adoption
  • joint foster care, custody, and visitation (including non-biological parents)
  • dissolution and divorce protections such as community property and child support
  • immigration and residency for partners from other countries
  • inheritance automatically in the absence of a will
  • joint leases with automatic renewal rights in the event one partner dies or leaves the house or apartment
  • inheritance of jointly-owned real and personal property through the right of survivorship (which avoids the time and expense and taxes in probate)
  • spousal exemptions to property tax increases upon the death of one partner who is a co-owner of the home
  • veterans' discounts on medical care, education, and home loans; joint filing of tax returns
  • joint filing of customs claims when traveling
  • decision-making power with respect to whether a deceased partner will be cremated or not and where to bury him or her
  • crime victims' recovery benefits
  • domestic violence protection orders
  • judicial protections and evidentiary immunity


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