Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Light a Lamp Upon my Path

Do you ever feel like you are meant to do something more? Something greater? I know I am. I have so many dreams, talents I want to use. The thing is I know I want to use them for good - to help people. I'm having a hard time figuring out which road to follow.

I love music. I really don't think I am good enough to go career there... but I love the fact I get to sing with the praise team at church.

I love photography and design. This I am hoping will bear much fruit as a business venture -- but I still haven't determined how to use it to help others... which  I want it to do.

I've always thought about going into counseling, or even law... but I no long have the available time or patience for a new degree of either nature!

Lately I've thought about getting a part time job using my money managing skills to help others financially... I have all these ideas and ventures, but I also want more time for my family, so I know I can't possibly pursue them all. Or can I...

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