Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christianity Doesn't Have to Be about Organized Religion & Spoon-fed Doctrine!!!

Christianity should be about your personal beliefs & relationship with Christ. Not organized religion, "the church", or doctrine of any kind.

My faith is about my walk. My life. My heart. My soul. Do I care about my loved one's and friend's souls? Yes I do. Is it my place to judge or convict them? Absolutely not, it is God's. The best thing I can do is set an example through my walk and my life.

Does that mean I should never approach them, in a loving manner, about things I see them doing that could potentially hurt their relationship with God? No it doesn't. We don't need to shove our beliefs down others throat, but that doesn't mean we can't talk to people about Christ and about right vs wrong. We just need to remember that we live in a diverse culture with many different belief systems, and we don't all see things the same way. Sometimes we have to try to meet in the middle, or simply agree to disagree.

In the end only God know the truth. It is up to us as individuals to live our lives the best we can and strive to live as Christ would. To show the LOVE that Christ would. So many church's today are so sucked in to spoon-fed doctrine and show so much hate. I recently red an article about a church who make a mentally disabled child leave because he was a distraction. I know Jesus would never show up in that church, because he too, with his dirty feet and blood stained hands would be a distraction and would not be welcomed in a place like that.

We are to be loving and accepting of all - black or white, man or woman, gay or straight... and shoving scripture down their throat is not the answer. I do not believe the bible is without error. It has been transcribed, translated, and re-translated multiple times by MAN. Man is fallible. God is infallible - but he did not write the bible.

It is a history, a recollection of biblical days and the days Christ walked this earth - each book a written account of how each MAN recalls it. Sure they were inspired to write it - isn't any author?

We (general we) read too much into the scriptures. We take them out of context. We twist their meanings. We let them run our lives, when we should be letting God take control. We should be united. Not separated. We should show compassion, not hatred.

We would lead a lot more hearts to Christ if we set aside our differences, set aside organized religion and doctrine... and just figured out how to coexist, get a long, and love one another for who we are.

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