Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reviving this Blog! Today's Post: Unification

So it's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I hope to revive this blog back to weekly postings... so onto today's post:

Can you imagine for a minute... if we could come together - every believer - no matter their differences, their denomination, their choices... and stop bickering among ourselves... what changes we could make in this world?

I read the other day that the most common reason for arguments is misunderstanding. And you can't please a person who is out to constantly misunderstand you. But if people would just open their minds for a minute... stop arguing about whose right and whose wrong about everything, and realize we as believers have the most important thing in common - our God.

He is amazing, he is God of the universe. He is probably up there right now smacking his head at us... we're supposed to be leading lives for Christ, and living by example - we should be working on one accord.

Stop trying to nitpick every verse and condemn every person. Stop dividing church's and denominations because someone has a different point of view... stop being so angry at each other and being so pessimistic about everything. Instead of harboring anger we should be finding the positive in every situation - because God is ALWAYS in control!!!  If we'd just trust him and believe that no matter what trials we're going through, he is there - everything happens for a reason. 

We should be loving each other as Christ loves the church. How do we as Christians expect to win new hearts when we can't even win each other's?

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