Tuesday, March 13, 2012


God's working. So about 2 weekends ago we watched Courageous... it hit Adam hard. He told pastor he was ready to serve and get over his "grudge" over the crap that went down with running the sound. Stuff started happening at work, and he felt like ever since he said he was ready to serve, he is being tested - but his faith will not waiver. This weekend his boss called and told him his work van got broken into and he'd left a TV in it that got taken... they are supposed to bring any merchandise back in when they get back, but they were late getting back and Adam had to go to the chiro (and there were plenty of instances where they got back after the store was closed and couldn't take stuff inside...) Adam told his boss he'd help cover part of the loss, as he was responsible for the van. Come Monday he went in and they had a big meeting - the whole thing was a setup... his boss wanted them to be more responsible for the items in the van, but said he appreciated his willingness to help cover the loss, and that showed him a lot about his ethics... he also said they'd be trying to get them back before closing from now on to avoid having to leave items in the vans over night - which will cut down these extremely long hours (60 hour weeks) and take some stress off of Adam. Remember in the movie Courageous where they tell Havier they want to promote him but ask him to lie about incoming shipments? It was to test his ethics... they gave him the chance to think it over, and when he came in and said he couldn't lie, they gave him the job (and said that they had gone through this with SIX employees before him who didn't pass...) Clear to say after all that, I had chills running up my spine.

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