Monday, August 1, 2011

Genesis 1-3 Creation

So last night I began reading the bible chronologically. I started with Genesis Ch. 1-3. I LOVE my new study bible, it had some great information in it and made the scripture easy to understand.

I found it interesting, that I never realized before, that Genesis actually begins with what appears as two different creations stories (1-2.3, and 2.4-25). In 1-2.3, God creates animals before humans, and then he creates man and woman together - v. 24-27. In Ch. 2.4-3 (another account of creation) God created man, then he created the animals so he wouldn't be lonely and asked him to name them all. Afterward, he took the rib from Adam and created woman (Eve).Some believe that the first account and second do not contradict each other,  but rather the second is a more detailed account of the first. Others believe that the second account actually dates back before the first, and was written by a different author. (Me I don't really know and will continue my study further, as I'm taking a less biased approach, or at least trying to.)

God created man and woman innocent - they did not realize they were naked. It was not until the serpent coaxed them into eating from the tree of good and evil that they gained wisdom and were ashamed. They made clothes out of fig leaves and tried to hide from the Lord. The lord punished the serpent by making him slither with no legs and creating the hostility between him, woman, and woman's offspring (which would be all of mankind).

Woman was punished with pain during childbirth (thanks a lot Eve!) and Adam & Eve were cast out of Eden and locked out so they could not eat from the tree of life - as they punishment for eating from the tree of good and evil was death. While that death was not imminent, they were not allowed to eat from the tree of life to gain immortality. God placed a cherubim guard at the gates of Eden so they may not reenter.

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